About Minastir Asset Management AB

Minastir Asset Management AB is a manager of alternative investment funds that obtained authorization from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to operate as a registered alternative investment fund manager on July 13, 2015, according to Act (2013:561) on Alternative Investment Fund Managers. Our strengths lie within algorithmic trading and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to deliver the highest possible absolute return at the lowest possible risk, regardless of the market situation. Our workforce includes PhD graduates in computer science and mathematics, financial engineers, and people with significant experience in operating and developing businesses.

The company is registered in Sweden, where our alternative investment fund with a focus on currency (Minastir Currency Fund) is also registered. Fund administration, audit, prevention of money laundering, and activities that require authorization, also take place in Sweden. In addition, we have an office in Taipei, Taiwan, where the research in artificial intelligence and technological development of the fund's trading algorithms are conducted. Research and development is conducted in close collaboration with National Taiwan University, where several of our employees have graduated.